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A Customized Learning Success Story

SEH maximizes employee potential

When SEH America’s Vancouver, WA, facility sought employee training to increase its productivity and competitive edge, the world’s largest producer of semiconductor silicon turned to Clark College’s Customized Learning team for employee development.

manu-successWith a reputation for continuous improvement and never resting on its professional laurels, SEH sought the same high-quality results when Customized Learning created a customized technical writing training program for its Vancouver-based employees.

In working with SEH over a six-month process, Customized Learning used subject-matter experts, with relevant professional and real-world business experience in leadership, communications and technical skills. The result was the implementation of a long-term strategic plan that improved lean methods already in place; streamlined standard operating procedures and; increased product quality and statistical process control.

As one of Clark County’s largest manufacturing employers, SEH also implemented Customized Learning’s recommendation to offer employee training with an innovative work and communication profiling tool. SEH, which empowers employees to be responsible for producing quality work, used the program to help workers recognize their colleagues’ strengths and communication styles and determine conflict resolution techniques. The training resulted in developing a shared model and common language for teams. Employees gained a better understanding of their co-workers in everyday work situations as well as conflict management.

Anytime, anyplace anywhere

Investing in business isn’t just about spending capital. Clark’s Customized Learning team provides businesses, nonprofits and government organizations with training, leadership development, technical and business analysis tools. As a result Customized Learning directly impacts the economic health, employment opportunities and workforce development in Southwest Washington and throughout the state.


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